Create an identity for Festival N°6

The brand idea here is "Transcend into a new dimension".

Festival N°6 is an art and music festival held annually at Portmeirion, North Wales. The demographics of attendees range from teenagers to adults in the late 40s. The target market is well-educated with a fine taste in music and art. They are eager learners who embrace the "work hard play hard" mantra.
I am enamored of the myriad of activities Festival N°6 provides. Whether it is live music, film screenings, street theater, interactive installations, or masquerade parties, the learning opportunities seems to be endless. My design focused on the "endless possibilities" aspect of this brief. 

Unrestricted, Transcendental, Evolving

1) Andale Mono
This typeface was chosen for two reasons. a) Isometric letters can be hard to read at times. To maximize legibility, a monospace specimen felt necessary. b) Andale Mono felt sleek and refined, which speaks to the target audience. 
2) DIN
This typeface felt clean and modern. It tailors to the target audience's taste.

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