Grit - Soap Packaging for Bodybuilders

-Brief: Create a boutique soap brand for bodybuilders

-Intent: The design aims to highlight the equal importance of an intense workout and a gentle recovery. Drawing inspiration from my Chinese roots, I found a martial art form that exemplifies this balance. Wing Chun(咏春) is a martial art form that requires quick arm movements with strong legs and a relaxed performance of techniques. 

-Insights: The contrast between strong graphic elements and a soft pastel color palette serves as the core identity of this soap brand. The bilingual logo also strives to find a balance between Eastern and Western culture.

Keywords: Perseverance, Yin and Yang, Fluidity

Backstory: Master Yip was a Chinese martial artist and a master teacher of Wing Chun
咏春). His most famous apprentice was Bruce Lee. Legend has it that Master Yip rewarded his apprentices with soap bars that contained a secret set of Kung Fu moves hidden inside. Master Yip has brought over these soaps oversea. They are perfect to use in the shower after a long day of training!

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